Rehoboth Farm Project

After our 2020 covid-19 help package project which was a huge blessing to over 26 widows, 10 students under our scholarship program and some other individuals with critical cases that attracted our attention, we vividly saw the need of creating a platform for employment and sustainability for the less privileged and Illiterates in the south eastern region of Nigeria!

Since the majority of them that received money to start up something can neither read nor write, plan nor calculate, 80% of them will go broke and hungry again after few months.

Yes, the Covid-19 help package (Enough money to start up a small business) brought tears of joy from the eyes of all the beneficiaries, but the question now is, are we ready as a small charity organization to provide such help every few months? Not really!

Therefore, the only smart way forward here is to apply the principle of Productivity and Sustainability (A productive business that can help to sustain our course)

We would like to establish a business platform that can…

– Provide job opportunities for the less privileged and illiterates

– Generate income to run the charity organization

– Promote agricultural vegetation and environment

Through some God-sent organizations and other generous individual supporters we have been able to achieve much but still have much more ahead of us.

Therefore, we’ve decided to think outside the box and came up with something creative and productive (REHOBOTH FARM PROJECT)

Rehoboth Farm Project is the income-generating (Business) and employment platform project of Legacy Charity Organization!

The name “Rehoboth” which means (Open space) was Isaac’s 3rd well according to Genesis 26:22.

Rehoboth farm is a land, animal, and bird agricultural farm facility for plants, fruits and vegetables, pigs, chickens, and fish.

Our objective:

To create an environmentally friendly platform that can provide job opportunities for the less privileged ones, and generate income to run some of our primary courses as an organization.

“One can chase a thousand and two ten thousand” Together we can positively influence our world!

 We warmly welcome any form of support and partnership!

For more details please contact:


Raiffeisenbank Bielersee

CH67 8080 8002 1268 5426 6

Legacy Charity, 2563 Ipsach

Legacy Charity Team

 Joshua & Maya Okonkwo (President/Vice President)

Beatrice Kiefer-Lüthi (Finances)